Blog Docs Videos

Download Google Docs and open in other apps
Blog Setup and Post
**New: Auto Copy Paste
**New: Blog post
**New: CSS Editor
**New: Insert - Crop Photo
**New: Browse-download Google Docs
**New: Post Drawing with Speech Bubble
BE Write browser resize and research using build-in browser
Copy paste HTML from web and enable auto copy and paste
Create signature-template with social links
DropBox - Convert images to URLs
Formatting and creating links
Spell check, auto correct and definition
Insert image and edit
Create link
Blog post with image and background
Set background from web
Create web site screenshots
HTML edit
Insert YouTube video
Default zoom setting
Add and delete pages and notebooks
Browse-download Google Docs
Adding Tooltip
Google Docs sync



 BE Write HD 1.2 Videos

BE Write iPad App Fast Overview

BE Write iPad App overview Slower and More Detailed

Creating Templates and Signatures

BE Write iPad App Drawing

BE Write Blogger post with pictures

BE Write Advance Settings

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